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Dogs will only be walked within their household to give full care, attention and exercise - unless agreed upon by owner and walker. Dogs will have plenty of socialisation opportunities on their walks when out and about.


Treats, poo bags, water and endless cuddles will always be provided. ​

Do you have a dog that can't walk too far? Or do you just want a bit of variety? Don't worry, you can also use the time how you wish. Feel free to chat to me about how you would like this time spent. Whether that be toilet breaks, playing, feeding, company or walkies, I am happy to accommodate your requests. 


Has your dog been out for his daily walks but still needs to let off some steam? ​

Do you want your dog to get used to running with someone so one day, you may run with them yourself?​Do you have a breed with a high prey drive to just run? Yes Husky owners, I'm looking at you! ​



30 mins 

1 Dog

Maximum 5km


Arlo & Rolo

"Katy is an amazing dog walker! I couldn't ask for better and the boys love her. She treats them as her own and takes them on different walks every time, exploring the area. We are so lucky to have found her! She is very friendly and understands that with my shift work, I sometimes need more specific times which she caters too. I trust her wholeheartedly with my pups and would highly recommend."
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